5 Common Types of Locks for the Homeowner

It is important to consider the security of your home. Homeowners use different types of locks to secure their homes and to feel happy and relaxed in their homes. However, it is hard to choose an appropriate lock because there are so many on the market. Some locks work better in some situations than they do in others.

It is important to understand the common types of locks for the homeowner if you want to choose the right lock. Here are 5 common types of locks for the homeowner.

  • Door Knob Locks

They are the most common door locks used in residential properties. They are easy to install, so install them in your interior space. However, they are easy to pick, making them unsuitable for external use. If you apply force, they can buckle easily. Use them to secure rooms inside your home. Use them for interior doors only. It is cheap to install them.

  • Deadbolts

They are also the most common door lock types in most homes. They are the most secure locks, so they are suitable for securing exterior doors. There are different types of deadbolts, including the double cylinder deadbolt and the single cylinder deadbolt. The single cylinder locks are common since they are very secure. However, double cylinder deadlocks provide added security benefits. Use a double cylinder deadbolt to place an extra layer of security around your single cylinder deadbolt.

  • Electronic Locks and Smart Locks

They are very common in residential properties, especially homes. For better access control, install smart locks or electronic locks. They are efficient. Smart locks depend on wireless communication for the lock to be locked or unlocked. Electronic locks depend on an electric current to be engaged.

Before installing these locks, you must understand how they work and the vulnerabilities they have. If the locks can compromise your home during a power outage, do not install them.

  • Mortise Locks

They offer a lot of security benefits to homeowners. They are fitted into the door itself, so it is hard to force open them. Also, they come in dual cylinder variants, so it is not possible to pick them. They fit into smaller or larger doors since they come in a wide variety of different sizes. They can improve curb appeal because they come in a wider variety of designs. And they provide a classical, antique appearance.

  • Cylindrical Lever locks

Many homeowners love cylindrical lever locks because they add a feel of aesthetics to their doors, and it is easy to operate them compared to deadbolt locks. It is easy to find cylindrical lever locks that match the style, finish, and color of your home. If you decide to install cylindrical level locks in your home, install them in your interior doors and not exterior doors. However, it takes time to install them, especially if you are drilling the door.

These are the 5 common types of locks for the homeowner. It is important to choose an appropriate lock for both your interior space and exterior doors. Find the best locksmith to install the right lock gives you peace of mind and keeps your family safe since it secures your home.

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